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Newhome comes to iOS and Android starting with a closed
Home » Newhome’ comes to iOS and Android starting with a closed beta in July

Newhome’ comes to iOS and Android starting with a closed beta in July

Don’t Starve’ is a videogame franchise born for the PC world in 2013 and that ended up reaching mobile phones with the name ‘Pocket Edition’. As its name indicates, the game has a survival mechanism in which we can collect objects from the field and build tools with a single purpose: not to starve ourselves.

At stake is Wilson, a scientist who must survive as long as possible in a completely hostile world where everything plays against him. With this argument, ‘Don’t Starve: Newhome’ will become a new iteration that will come, this time yes, directly to mobile phones. Specifically to iOS and Android, and will do so in closed beta foram next July.

Finally a native ‘Don’t Starve’ for mobiles

Don’t Starve’ has been developed so far by Klei Entertainment but there will be a change for the new release. Newhome’ will be produced by Shengqu Games and Tencent will be responsible for the publication and distribution of this survival and crafty title that will soon be available on the most popular mobile operating systems.

Shengqu Games account that the title will respect the guidelines of his predecessors so we will continue with the mechanics of collection and construction, trying to provide our protagonists, because now we will have several in play, all the resources needed to survive for longer.

Respecting the master lines of the original, ‘Newhome’ will be slightly different

However, Shengqu also said that it will be “a little different to the traditional ‘Don’t Starve’ experience” so we’ll have to keep an eye on the game to see what changes have been made. As we said, the game will be coming to mobile phones in the form of closed beta for users in Canada and the United States in June, and anyone can join on the next page: Beta of Don’t Starve: Newhome.

As for the graphics and visual style of the game, the brief 30-second trailer shown by the developer on Youtube shows the animation style of the previous titles is respectedalthough improved. However, it is a kinematics and not a real game experience or gameplayWe’ll see what this ‘Don’t Starve: Newhome’ has in store for us when it hits the App Store and Google Play.

Via : Android Police

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