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1611028027 Nine must have tricks to master the desktop version

Nine must-have tricks to master the desktop version

Although WhatsApp is an application used mainly on mobile phones, for years it has also it is possible to use WhatsApp from the computer, either through the browser or from the WhatsApp Web application, something that is especially comfortable when we are on the PC since we do not have to be looking at the mobile.

As in any application, there are WhatsApp tricks that make it easier for us to use the application and the same happens with the version for the computer. In this article we will tell you eight WhatsApp Web tricks so that you become everything an expert of the desktop version.

How to know how many WhatsApp Web sessions you have started

WhatsApp Web

More than a trick, it is advice, and an important one. Knowing how many sessions we have started can prevent someone from spying on our WhatsApp. If someone has had access to our phone, they may have scanned the QR to log in and be reading our conversations, so be very careful with this.

To avoid this, from the WhatsApp app on your mobile, click on the menu button (top left) and choose the option ‘WhatsApp Web’. Here you can see the open sessions and the last time it was active. If you see something strange, just click on the suspicious session and close it or, if you prefer, close them all.

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Use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same computer

incognito mode

If you have two phone lines with two WhatsApps, you can use them at the same time on the same computer. All you have to do is open an incognito window In your browser, log in with your other account and voilà, you already have two WhatsApp Webs working.

Read messages without getting the double blue tick and without appearing online

WhatsApp Web

The reading confirmation or double blue tick can be deactivated from WhatsApp so that it never leaves, but if you have it activated and at some point in time you don’t want the other person to know that you have read their message or that you are online, with WhatsApp Web it is very simple.

You just have to open another window on the computer (I have used the calculator, but it can be anyone) and place it so that you continue to see WhatsApp Web, but keeping the other active window in the foreground. When messages come in, you will be able to read them, but since the window is inactive, they will continue to appear as unread and the other person will not see the blue tick, nor will you appear online until you click on WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web

There is another option to read messages without the blue tick, although in this case the person will be able to see that you are online. If we hover the mouse over a conversation (without clicking on it), a small preview of the last message they sent us appears, but our contact will not receive the read confirmation.

Activate dark mode and change the wallpaper

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web does not have as many functions as the mobile app, but the company is adding new features little by little and one of those that are available is to activate the dark mode. From Settings – Theme you can choose if you want to leave the mode light (by default) or dark. In Wallpaper you can also change the background color to customize it to your liking. Please note that the available colors change depending on the theme; if you choose the light, there will be more vivid colors, while with the dark they are more muted tones.

Send files from PC to mobile and vice versa

There is a very useful WhatsApp trick and that is to send things to ourselves. To do this, you first have to create a group with only you (First add someone else and then eject them) and you can send messages that only you will read. If, for example, you want to quickly transfer a photo from your computer to your mobile or vice versa, you will only have to send it through that group.

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Send photos quickly with copy-paste

WhatsApp Web 05

Imagine that you are browsing and suddenly you find a photo or meme that you want to send to a friend. The logical process would be to download it to your computer and then send it through WhatsApp Web, but there is an even faster way. When you locate the photo, right click and select Copy Image, then go to WhatsApp Web and paste it with the shortcut Ctrl + V, it’s that easy.

Use keyboard shortcuts

Since we are talking about keyboard shortcuts, WhatsApp Web supports a few more. If you master them, it is much faster to move between chats or open a new one than to do it with the mouse. Yes, this it only works if you download the desktop client, in the browser they don’t work.

  • Ctrl + N: open a new chat.
  • Ctrl + Shift +]: move on to the next conversation.
  • Ctrl + Shift +[:[: go back to the previous conversation.
  • Ctrl + E: archive conversation.
  • Ctrl + Shift + M: mute conversation.
  • Ctrl + Backspace: delete conversation.
  • Ctrl + Shift + U: Mark as unread.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N: create new group.
  • Ctrl + P: open profile.

These are shortcuts specific to WhatsApp Web, but you can also use the generic system shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + X: cut.
  • Ctrl + C: copy.
  • Ctrl + V: paste.
  • Ctrl + A: select everything.
  • Ctrl + F: look for
  • Alt + F4: exit the app.

Shortcuts for sending emojis

WhatsApp Web

We continue with shortcuts, but these are for sending emojis. In WhatsApp Web we also have the emoji selector, but it forces us to click to display it and then another click to send it. If you want to do everything with the keyboard, simply write the name of the emoji between a colon, for example: heart: and you will see how suggestions appear above the text field.

Make WhatsApp Web start automatically

Whatsapp Web 07

Finally, if you are used to using WhatsApp Web often, it is best to configure it so that the application starts whenever you turn on your computer. To do this, from WhatsApp Web access Settings – Desktop Settings and check the box ‘Open WhatsApp when logging in’. Of course, we do not recommend doing it if the computer is used by more people or they will be able to read your conversations.

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