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no natives or user filters until further notice

The business sector is being affected by the different quarantine models applied in various countries, and one of the countries that has just noticed the consequences is Facebook itself. The social networking giant has announced that, for the time being, the department in charge of creating filters for both Facebook and another of its popular apps: Instagram.

Among the measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus caused by Covid-19 is that workers are kept at home, either in telework mode or directly confined while waiting for the situation to improve. This is what has happened now with the team in charge of the filters of both Facebook and Instagram, so the process is stopped until further notice.

No native or third party filters, but statistics


As we said, the internal Facebook team in charge of creating new filters for Facebook and Instagram is already at home, away from the various offices of the company. That is why no more native filters will be created for any of the applications until the situation is back to normal and they can return to work in the offices.

However, there was another way to get new filters in both applications, and that way was to use the Spark AR Studio application. However, these filters had to be approved by the company and those responsible for creating the native filters were also in charge of granting these validations and having the filters incorporated into the apps.

So, no more filters for now. We won’t have any native filters or user-created filters. What will remain is the automated system that provides information on the use of the filters to the users who created them, so at least they can work on future improvements to them, or on ideas for new filters. But for now, no more additions.

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