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now you can join whenever you want

WhatsApp group communications eliminate the obligation to be at the beginning of the call to participate: from now on it is possible to access at any time and for the duration of the communication. In addition, these group calls have a new screen with all the information of the participants.

With the impact of the pandemic, calls and video calls were a huge help for all families, groups of friends and, also, for workers. Zoom or Google Meet were the best known at work and for large groups, but the majority opted for WhatsApp-like applications. Calls suitable for up to eight people, with sound and / or video and, now, with the option to enter communications even if they have started.

You no longer have to be at the beginning of the call to enter

Group Calls Whatsapp

With WhatsApp calls and video calls, anyone can invite a group of people to establish a communication with voice and video. These communications are initiated by a host; that you can add as many people as you want up to a total of seven (eight counting the organizer). Each of the guests could enter the call as the host invited them, a limitation that now changes in WhatsApp.

We tested the beta of multi-device WhatsApp: up to four devices at the same time and without depending on mobile at all

The novelty of the famous messaging application seeks, always according to the developers, “improve the experience of our users by always maintaining the security and privacy of end-to-end encryption“. With it you will no longer have to respond after receiving the invitation since it will be accessible to enter at any time. As long as the call is ongoing, of course.

With this setting in the way invitations are sent and accepted, it is possible to establish calls more efficiently and without the need to be aware of whether or not the invitation to enter is accepted– Once the request is sent, the recipient can access the call or video call whenever they want. In addition, you will have an information screen accessible where you can see who is participating, who was invited without still being inside, and other communication data.

Group Calls Whatsapp

WhatsApp calls become more flexible and less stressful. That you are invited to one and you cannot attend? Even if you click on “Ignore” you will still have the option to access. The change in calls and video calls is official and will be coming to all applications from today.

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