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only 8 out of 100 positive codes end up being entered in the app

Radar COVID was born last June 2020 as the Government app to try to facilitate the tracking of those infected by coronavirus, and thus manage to alleviate the different waves that COVID-19 has starred in our country. The app began as a pilot in La Gomera to finally be released in stages for the rest of the territories.

The summarized operation of Radar COVID is explained by commenting that the app emits codes and receives them from other phones in order to determine who has been around whom and for so long. Thus, if you are positive in a COVID-19 detection test, you can enter a code provided by Health in the app and your contacts are notified. In theory, because practice, and official data, have shown that the app does not work.

Only 8 out of 100 codes finally end up in the app

The data has been updated. The statistics of use of Radar COVID are already available on the website enabled for it within the portal of the Government of Spain, and of them it can only be deduced that the application has been a complete failure. After more than 6.8 million downloads since its launch, only about 42,000 codes have been entered in Radar COVID. A fairly low number considering that we are already fully immersed in the third wave of the pandemic.

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The Government says that since its launch, Radar COVID downloaded 6,808,137 times on mobile phones, commenting on iOS downloads (23%) and Android downloads (the remaining 77%), the two mobile operating systems for which it is available. It is not specified, because it is not possible (actually yes), how many of these 6.8 million installations are still active and have not ended with the app removed from the phone. Multiple downloads by users are not discriminated either (you change phone, have several devices, etc).

Radar COVID Downloads

With those 6.8 million downloads and in the middle of the third wave of the pandemic, the Government notifies that 537,345 codes have been requested in the total accumulated until January 24, 2021. More than half a million codes requested (and we assume that provided, otherwise they would not be considered) of which only 41,854 have ended up being entered in the application. 7.7% of the total, for having a tangible number with which to assess the effectiveness of the application.

Radar COVID Downloads

For sure, the way the COVID Radar operates with the codes has not helped the app work. The user has to request the code at the health center and then enter this code in the app manually. A seemingly simple but not very automatic process which has led to the application having no relevance at any time in the day-to-day control of the pandemic. Perhaps the time has come to say that Radar COVID has been a failure.

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