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Home » Parcheesi Star, the game that triumphs on iPhone and Android with which you can challenge all your friends to Parcheesi

Parcheesi Star, the game that triumphs on iPhone and Android with which you can challenge all your friends to Parcheesi

With the isolation we’re experiencing due to the coronavirus, do you want an application that allows you play Parcheesi remotely with your friends? Parcheesi Star is a game that will satisfy your needs: identical to the classic game, with the usual board and for your iPhone or Android.

In these days of forced confinement, there is a technology that is not only saving us from the impossibility of working, but also from long hours of boredom: the Internet. And, since we have a smartphone connected, we can use that connection to play remotely with other users. So, to make up for those family evenings competing to eat the pieces of the restWhy don’t we play a game of Parcheesi? This is what the application Parcheesi Star proposes, a game that is rising like the foam in downloads and users.

Play online with up to three people

Parcheesi Online Captures of Parcheesi Star for iPhone

Parcheesi Star maintains the classic aesthetics and essence of the board game while introducing the option of compete with other players who are not physically in the same space. Although it does not only include online mode, this game also offers local games and on the same device. Don’t you have a Parcheesi board? You can improvise it directly on your phone or tablet.

Like all ‘freemium’ style games, Parcheesi Star is a free download game that offers various ways to monetize. It includes advertisements, of course, but also double currency of its own: gems and gold. To access the online games you must use goldThis is a great opportunity to play in tournaments and to play with friends, the so-called ‘Tables’. Anyone can create a game online and send codes to others to join, although they will need at least 500 gold: it is the player who creates the game who sets the amount to enter.

Anyone can create a Parcheesi table and send the code to others to join the game. The minimum entry is 500 gold: whoever creates the game can vary the amount

Parcheesi Star games are for up to four players in various modes: 1 to 1, teams, 4 players and play with friends. In addition, the game includes a Parcheesi league that is unlocked when the player reaches level 4. To access the application you do not need to register as you can play as a guest, but it is essential to save your progress and contact your friends more easily. To do this, Parcheesi Star uses the access to the Facebook account: this way the user is saved to access the game from all the devices (you don’t need to give the app permission to access your friends list and email). In addition to Android and iOS it is also accessible from Facebook.

Online games where luck is not so important

Parcheesi Online Online game between two players. iPhone (left) and Android (right)

Parcheesi Star supports two types of rules: the classic or the Spanish rules, which can be chosen before each game. The interface is simple, the game board is the usual one and it will be the game’s random system that will take care of the score when the dice are rolled. And this is where most of the user’s complaints are focused: the randomness system created for the dice is not very random, we have also noticed it in the games. There is usually a tendency to favor some players, at least in appearance.

Parcheesi Online

The different modes available create a game of ordinary Parcheesi, only the opponents and allies will vary. All players have a limited time to make a roll, the games can become somewhat long when playing four at once, turns are automatically chained when a player is not active and, as games are won, gold is obtained in exchange for access to more tables. Parcheesi Star limits games to gold, but gold is not too difficult to obtain: in addition to winning gold, it can also be obtained by watching advertising videos, for example. It is a game that is very attractive, both for its simplicity, for the classic and also for the possibility of challenge friends and familywherever they are.

Parcheesi Online

Parcheesi Star is a good Parcheesi game even though it offers some pressure towards shopping within the app. Because not only you have to play the classic Parcheesi game, the app also offers customization of the board, avatars to choose and even we can choose the appearance of the chips. All these extras are obtained with elements other than gold and gems; such as platinum coins or tokens. However, they are not essential for playing.

Do you want to join the online Parcheesi games? No problem, you can download Parcheesi Star from the App Store and Google Play. It’s hassle-free and allows you to enable a shared dashboard both over the Internet and on the same phone. Their games are perfect for blurring the lines with friends and family.

Parcheesi Star

Parcheesi Star

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