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1606943956 personal summary now available

personal summary now available

After selecting the most listened to by countries and artists, Spotify has activated the 2020 summary for each user. In Story format, this summary retrieves the songs and artists that each person has reproduced the most on the platform; while offering added information, such as the music discovered or the preferred decade.

The 2020 summaries are already among us, it is time to review all the good things that this year has given. It will not go down in history for precisely that reason, we already know why, but that does not mean that everything we remember is going to be pandemic, restrictions and related misfortunes. For example, what if we remember all the music that has made us happy the most depressed moments of 2020? Said and done, Spotify comes to our rescue – the custom 2020 roundup is now available.

What have you been listening to in 2020?

Spotify 2020 Summary

This is the title of the new Spotify Story: it already appears on the cover of the applications (Home) and tells in a personalized way how the year has gone in terms of music. And not only does it highlight the songs and artists most played by each user, Spotify’s 2020 summary also details which were the most listened to podcasts.

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The summary of the year in Story format details the most reproduced by each person accompanied by different data related to the platform and personal activity. How many groups were discovered, the genres you like the most, on which day the song started playing what else have you heard and even raises questions about the summary.

Spotify 2020 Summary

The Story is very well built, adapts perfectly to the user and, as a drawback, you have to see it from the beginning to the end without being able to pass the elements. It’s a pretty long story.

Spotify 2020 Summary

Through the Story you can add to the playlists the playlist with the most listened to, although it is possible to skip that step and go directly to the section: here is the most listened to of 2020 for each Spotify user. Personal summary, hits that got away and all the ‘tops’ of the year on the music streaming platform and podcasts.

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