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Poolside FM comes to iOS, take a piece of summer everywhere with this relaxing streaming radio

We still remember the time when listening to portable music required specific sections such as walkmans, portable CDs or, ultimately, MP3 players. Now everything is done with the mobile phone and in the app stores we find services for all tastes, although probably none as curious and original as Poolside FM.

Rare is the user who does not have a Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Youtube Music or Tidal account. Streaming services surround us but Poolside FM offers a different proposal. We are talking about a streaming radio in which we cannot choose what is playing but we can change the channel, and in which the aesthetic and musical proposal is really curious. The spirit of summer aboard a simple app completely free and without advertising.

Cost-free summer ambience with a retro style

Poolside FM

As its creator states “Poolside FM was conceived on a rainy afternoon in the Highlands of Scotland as a virtual holiday, if you like. Video and audio streaming is selected for injecting a healthy dose of serotonin into your brain“. A curious experiment that has resulted in a more than curious application.

Poolside FM is, as we said, a streaming radio. That means we can change the channel but not decide what it sounds like, except because we can move the songs back and forth of each of the preset stations. There’s no random mode, the list always goes back and forth, much to Nolan’s dismay.

Poolside Color the app with its different color patterns

As for the stations, we have five available with very distinguishable themes: Poolside, the default, Indie Summer, Hangover Club, Tokyo Disco and Friday Nite Heat. If we wish, we can change the style of the application between different themes, all of them with a retro theme, and we can also access videos to further enhance the experience.

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Poolside FM is a very curious app that now makes the leap from the desktop to the mobile phones starting from iOS, although its creator, Marty Bell, says he is already working on its Android version. “0$ in marketing, 0 employees”, that’s how Marty Bell talks about an app that in May it exceeded one million active sessions and that he accepts donations if we feel his work has satisfied us.

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