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pre registration has already been opened in the Google Play Store

pre-registration has already been opened in the Google Play Store and the App Store

Dragon Quest is a franchise of titles with great popularity among users and now prepares the arrival of another new variant. It is what Dragon Quest Tact promises, a title that prepares its I disembark both on Android-based devices and those that make use of iOS.

Hand in hand with Square Enix we are faced with a tactical RPG, Dragon Quest Tact, which after its launch in Japan, it will arrive in the West and we can download it both in the Google Play Store if you use an Android phone and in the App Store if yours is an iPhone, ipad or iPod Touch.

Open registration in Google Play Store

Dragon Quest Tact was announced in February 2020 for the Japanese market and perhaps as a result of more than half a million installations, it will end up giving the jump to app stores in western countries.

And as it launches, Dragon Quest Tact now available for early registration on the Google Play Store. A title that is, according to Android Police, a “tactical role-playing game for mobile devices.”

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In this sense, there will be no shortage of monsters from the Dragon Quest universe, characters to use in tactical battles against enemies. It will also have the ability to make in-app purchases, something that already appears in the Japanese version.

Dragon Quest Tact

Dragon Quest Tact already has previous access, which you can access from this link in Google Play from this other in the App Store and it is expected that a closed beta test will begin in a short time, with participants who will be selected at random, although it is not known which countries will have access to this beta.

Via | Android Police

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