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printed and free of charge

Open an app, select the pictures in your gallery and have them come to your home, printed and free. It sounds too nice to be true, but it is. The app in question is called FreePrints, and it’s a service that prints pictures to send to your homewith simply outstanding quality. It is available for both iOS and Android, accumulating in the Google operating system more than half a million downloads and a score of 4.6 stars.

Server has been using it since a few months ago, so I’m going to tell you my experience with this service, since is surprisingly goodIt literally offers us a free print of the photos we want, with some conditions that we have to take into account.

What is FreePrints and how it works


In the summer I visited a good friend. On the headboard of his bed was a collage of photos with excellent definition. He told me that he had ordered them for free, with an application. The app is called FreePrints, and it’s one of those services that sounds too good to be true. We opened it boomIn addition, we have dozens of free photos (more than 40), with a maximum of one order per monthWhat is the process like? Very simple. You only have to add the pictures you want, and watch out: we can add them from the gallery, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or Google Drive, linking our accounts to the app.

If the photo has ballots to look bad in print, the app will give us a warning: the main objective is to get everything printed as clearly as possible

When we select the photos the app shows us warnings: if the photo is too small it will be blurred. This notice is important because, as we are likely to use photos from networks, the quality may be impaired. That said, we are continuing to add photos. Free photos are 10×15 (more than enough size), and if we want other sizes, we will have to pay extra. Selected the photos, we have no more than pay for deliveryThis is a rather inexpensive (ranging from ‘1.99 to ‘6.99).

Five good reasons why we should print our photos

Sending Freeprints

The first time I asked for this service, the photos arrived in a week through the mail. The second time, well into the pandemic, there was a problem and the order was not delivered. From the application I requested the reprint and, to my surprise, it was also free. I didn’t have to pay for the shipping, I waited a week and this time the photos did come home. They come well packagedbut the most important thing is the quality of them.

Image 2020 11 11 15 24 05 This is the package that comes to you.
Image 2020 11 11 15 24 13 Inside the package, this little cardboard envelope.
Image 2020 11 11 15 24 19 And in there the photos, with an incredible quality and excellent paper.

We can select matte finish or retro style with white edges. In both cases the quality is excellent. The photos are printed on Kodak or Fuji silver halide photo paper and it is surprising how even in the case of social network photos, with little definition, the impression is of quality. These are excellent photos for framing or mounting in any kind of collage.

“According to our terms of use, we will save your photos so that you can use them for other orders in the future, in FreePrints or in any other application of ours. Your photos will always be your photos; only you will have access to them. We use the best security solutions available on the market to ensure that your photos are always protected.

How is this possible? It’s often said that when something comes for free the business is you, but FreePrints ensures that your photographs are your own and they are quite transparent in their privacy policy. The application makes money with the printing of photos, because even though we have a free monthly shipment, we can always use the service without limits by paying, with quite competitive prices.



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