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real-time scrutiny, graphs and more

Upgrade: the data on the influx of polling stations is already available within the application.

Prepare your mobile to be your information center for the next elections: the Catalan elections on February 14 now have their application available for Android and iOS. With the app you will have data of affluence to polling stations, you will know the participation, how the vote counting goes in real time and much more.

Final straight for the Catalan elections on February 14, a date on which love for the couple and ‘love’ for the polls are renewed. All with the utmost caution due to the coronavirus pandemic and with the controversy generated after the cancellation of the delay in the electoral appointment: despite being regional, there is no doubt that the date arouses attention beyond Catalonia. Do you want to have all the information on the closing of tables, participation and scrutiny? There is an official app for that.

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The most complete and updated app for the Catalan elections

Elections 14f Ipad

As always happens when there is an important electoral event, the pertinent board has developed a mobile application that opens the door to all the updated information on the elections. Such information it is exactly the same that is shared from the data centers to the respective media, is also updated with the same frequency. Therefore, with the 14F Elecciones Catalunya app you will have on your mobile screen all the counting data as it is publicly shared.

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The app will offer all its appeal as of the closing of the polling stations, something that will happen at 8:00 p.m. next Sunday, February 14. Meanwhile, it is possible access the results of the previous elections, those of 2017: 14F Elecciones Cataluña offers all the information with the data of the respective candidatures, graphs and results by specific locality. It will also allow the 2017 information to be compared with the current one once the count begins.

The application has included the information related to waiting to vote in the different polling stations: the link to verify it is on the front page of the app, at ‘Consultation of schools‘.

Catalonia School Elections

Clicking on the message opens a map in the browser with the different brands of the polling stations: just type the one chosen in the search box to know if there is much waiting and if all sanitary measures are being complied with. You can also use geolocation to find nearby polling places.

Catalan Elections 14f

Apart from the data prior to Sunday, the app will offer the data of the closing of tables and also of the participation throughout the day. Once the voting has concluded, 14F Elections Catalonia will have the count in real time to keep track of how parliament is doing. It will be possible to access the scrutiny by province and locality, draw comparisons of results and even create a Parliament bringing together the different parties to verify what pacts will be viable. All from a simple, clear and highly informative interface.

Catalan Elections 14f

The application is already available in the application stores, both in the App Store and in the Google Play Store. It is suitable for Android 7 and higher, also for Apple devices with iOS 13 and later. You can download it directly from the following links.

14F Catalonia Elections

14F Catalonia Elections

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