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Remove the background from your photos in seconds with PhotoRoom, a stunning editing app for iOS

There are many ways to remove the background from your photos, but few are as fast and versatile as the PhotoRoom app: cuts out the foreground of the images almost instantly. It is valid for portraits and objects; with the option to get artistic photos thanks to the great amount of templates that PhotoRoom offers.

Portraits are the type of photography that most dominates social networks, not in vain they are the best representation of ourselves. And often it’s not enough to just make a simple selfie, also you have to decorate it so that it stands out from the rest. For example, by cutting out the background portrait to add different compositions, layers or gradients. This process, which could become complex on the iPhone, is made easy with the PhotoRoom app, a complete automatic tool for editing photos.

PhotoRoom is one of the best background trimming apps

Photo Room Trim Photo Ios

Imagine you had a portrait done and you’re not convinced by the background. You would like to cut it out precisely and superimpose it on a sky, in front of a building or apply a degraded colour to highlight the portrait. Well: just open PhotoRoom, choose the portrait option, load the image and add a layer with the image you want to overlay. The application will have automatically cut you out of the background with total precision.

The cropping process is automatic and flawless, even zooming in on the edges of the portrait: PhotoRoom is almost magic. All you have to do is choose an image type from those available (portrait, pity, square…) or select a style predefined by the application (profile image, magazine…), PhotoRoom takes care of cutting out people from the background or objectsopening the door to the application of all types of artistic templates, also commercial.

Photo Room Trim Photo Ios

PhotoRoom works perfectly, gets professional results and has no cost for background trimming, nor for a good part of the predefined designs. That’s for sure, applies a watermark that can only be removed with the subscription to the app3.33 euros per month or 39.99 euros per year (3 days free). Also the export in HD is blocked to the subscription. The mark remains on the base of the photo, so it can be cropped without any problems.

Photo Room Trim Photo Ios Photo Room on iPad

The application offers an excellent service if you are looking for Cutting the background of your photos accurately, automatically and efficiently. With the basic options you have enough for most uses.



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