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Onlyfans, the crowdfunding platform for adult content, has been growing unstoppably for months, having become “the Patreon of porn” in its few months of life. Interestingly, despite being one of the best known networks, did not have an application on iPhone and Android, not even through external channels, as they do offer other adult content services.

Now, it comes to Play Store and Apple Store OnlyFans TV, an application that offers all kinds of content, less adult content. OFTV aims to be a space for Onlyfans content creators, but in it we will find recipes, trainings, talks and more: everything except pornography.

A “YouTube” of stars from OnlyFans


Contents in OFTV.

OFTV is the official app that OnlyFans has launched on iOS and Android, although it is quite far from the usual content that someone would find on its website. There is no adult content here, but yes content created by the biggest stars of OnlyFans, like Mia Khalifa or Bella Thorne.

The app is an agglutinator of content from the stars of Onlyfans, but with different themes not related to the world of porn

When we open the app we find a complete video gallery, with categories such as sports, meditation, cooking and others. We will also find interviews with the actresses, as well as different vlogs and content related to them, without having a single porn content in the app.

OFTV offers a very convenient way for fans to view content from their favorite creators. Tim Stokely, CEO of Onlyfans.

In words for Bloomberg, the executive director of Onlyfans affirmed that the app has more than 800 videos, that there will be no charge for access to them and that this is a good way for users to see “content from their favorite creators.”



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