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see the same photos while ‘video calling’ your friends is now possible

The coronavirus has more and more countries confined to their homes. Isolation measures are forcing many users to go to their main leisure apps to fill the gap that used to be filled by going out to see family and friends, and Instagram has just launched a new feature to to improve this “contactless contact” to some extent.

Video calls have long been possible with Instagram. Chatting with our contacts beyond the text is possible, but now we can also browse together with them through the various photos posted on the social network. Co-Watching is that, a way for both sit in front of the same mobile phone to comment on photoseven if it’s from a distance.

Quarantine relief improvements

Stay Home

Instagram has announced this new feature along with others like the “Stay Home” sticker, which allows bring together in one story all the publications of our contacts that contain this sticker, as a summary that allows us to see what our contacts are doing in these moments when it is not possible to go out to the street except in essential cases.

These measures include the new Co-Watching. Now, the moment we’re on a video call with a friend, Instagram will suggest on screen that we view photos that we have saved, that we’ve given a “Like” or just photos that the app itself suggests.

The icon will appear on the bottom left of the video call once it is active in our territory (these features are usually released in a staggered way over several days) and thanks to it we will be able to access this way of viewing Instagram pictures between the two. A way for us to feel closer to our loved ones and, why not, add more content to talk about during video calls.

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