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1614318425 Self destructing messages for everyone widgets unlimited membership groups and more

Self-destructing messages for everyone, widgets, unlimited membership groups, and more

Telegram already has its new version 7.5.0 ready, which means that the news that we anticipated in its beta version are now available to anyone, on Android or iOS, update to the latest version.

Some of these novelties are the possibility of making lchat messages delete themselves, new widgets, group invitation links with QR codes or with time or people limits, broadcast groups with no user limit and more.

Auto delete messages


For many years now, Telegram has incorporated the messages that self-destruct in secret chats, but now they arrive to all chats. It is an implementation similar to that of WhatsApp, with which you can delete messages from a chat automatically after 24 days or 7 days.

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To access this function, you must enter a chat and use the menu Empty chat. You will then see a new section below called Self-delete messages in this chat, being able to choose the time it will take. The feature must be activated by administrators in groups and channels and does not apply retroactively to messages sent before. In the case of channels, it is activated directly from the menu Configure self-removal.


Telegram widget

Better late than never, Telegrams come to Telegram, which until now only allowed you to create a direct access to a specific conversation. The latest version of Telegram includes two widgets, one for chats and one with shortcuts for the conversations in which you participate the most.

Widgets are customizable, being able to add the conversations and contacts you want, although they do not behave the same on Android and iOS. In the robot’s operating system, it should be kept up to date at all times, although not in iOS.

Invitation links with expiration


An interesting new feature provides much greater control over invite links so that other people can join a group or channel. For starters, links can become a QR code directly from the application.

Additionally, invitation links can have expiration date to choose between 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week, in addition to being able to choose the limited number of uses between 1, 10, 100 or unlimited. This will cause the link to stop working after that many people have joined the group or channel.

Broadcast groups


Telegram supports a brutal number of users in its groups, but if the maximum 200,000 users fall short, now you have an alternative: broadcast groups, which have no user limit.

Halfway between group and channel, in broadcast groups only administrators can write, but where members can still join voice chats that were added a couple of versions ago.

Better import of messages from other apps

to import

One of the most powerful news of Telegram in recent times was the possibility of importing the chat history of WhatsApp and other apps. The latest version improves this import, keeping the original date of the messages if they are added to chats that have less than 1,000 messages.

Other changes

The improvements don’t stop there. The new version allows you to add more information before report a conversation to Telegram moderators: you must select specific messages and you can attach a comment to your report.

In addition, as is usual, countless animated emojis which, when sent to a separate chat, are displayed large and smoothly animated.



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