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Seven features to get the most out of Apple Maps
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Seven features to get the most out of Apple Maps

Apple Maps has been in the shadow of Google Maps for years, but with its latest update, the operation of this application is outstanding. With the arrival of Look Around, Apple Maps Street View and the new interactive 3D maps, the app is more interesting than ever.

We are going to tell you some of best features and options for Apple Maps, so you can get the most out of Apple maps. For this tutorial we have used an iPhone 12 updated to iOS 15, although the new Apple Maps are available in iOS 14. However, there may be some options that vary slightly between versions.

Learn to use Look Around

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Look Around is one of the new star features in Apple Maps. It is the natural rival of Street View and it works even more fluidly, as well as having higher quality. To use this function you just have to open Apple Maps and click on the binoculars icon.

Automatically, you will see the area you are in, although you can move wherever you want. Full screen function is also available, in case you don’t need to have the map in front of you.

Change the map view

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Apple Maps has up to four map modes, a function that some users are unaware of. You just have to click on the icon in the upper right corner to access the four map modes.

Specific we have the explore mode, which is the standard. The car mode, which shows us traffic signs, traffic lights, traffic conditions and others, public transport mode and satellite vision.

Change your transportation preference

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By default, Apple Maps has the car set as the transportation method. Nevertheless, you can change the default preferences. You only have click on your profile image in Maps to access a somewhat hidden submenu. In it, you can establish that your transport preference is to walk, public transport, bike, etc.

Avoid tolls when traveling

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In this same preferences submenu you can deactivate the tolls option, to guarantee that your trip will be free. In the same way, you can avoid highways if you want to make the trip by nationals.

Find out if a city has environmental limitations

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One of the star, but covered, functions of Apple Maps, is that tells us if cities have environmental restrictions. Most European cities do not allow old cars to enter the city center, due to the environmental labeling system.

To know if a city has limitations or not, you only have to set the route to it in car mode. Apple will tell us if there are limitations or not, so that we can find out whether or not our car can enter the city or country we want to visit.

Show the location of your parked car

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If your car has Apple Carplay, it is possible that your mobile can show the exact location where it is parked. All you have to do is go to the iPhone settings, access the Maps app settings and activate the ‘Show parked car’ option.

Create guides to locate the sites you visit

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Another of the best features of Apple Maps are the guides. With these we can save different places, restaurants and places to visit. In this way, we can draw up a guide with different places to visit throughout a trip. From the main menu of Apple Maps you can create and configure them to taste.

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