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1608023389 Signal adds encrypted group video calls of up to five

Signal adds encrypted group video calls of up to five people

In 2020, many applications have added or improved their video calling system to make them more useful in the new reality after the COVID-19 pandemic. Already in the last days of the year, Signal secure messaging app is the last to raise the stakes.

Signal allows you now make secure group video calls, with up to five participants, and encrypted, in addition to the person-to-person video calls that had already been there for a few years.

Encrypted group video calls

Possibly the best known encrypted messaging application gets on the bandwagon of group video calls. These are now available to users of the latest version of the application for both Android and iOS.

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To start a group video call on Signal, you just need tap the call icon in a group. Signal warns, yes, that video calls only appear in new groups and not in those that are in mode legacy, although these groups will be updated to the new type in the coming weeks.


Group video calling on Signal supports up to five people at a time -including you- and they can be visualized in two ways: in a grid that shows all the participants (you in a tiny way) or in a view that focuses on the person speaking at that moment.

Of course, group video calls on Signal are encrypted, like the rest of the application’s data, and they leave no trace of its existence on their servers. The feature launches with support for five participants, although the company claims to be already working to expand the number in future updates.

Signal - Private Messaging

Signal – Private Messaging

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