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Skype prepares novelties for iOS and Android such as the

Skype prepares novelties for iOS and Android, such as the blurring of backgrounds and more ‘reactions’

Video calling apps continue to gain traction despite the fact that the time of severe lockdown due to the pandemic is long over. However, the usefulness of these apps has been maintained and many companies continue to make efforts to evolve their respective services. This is the case of Microsoft, which is now preparing a battery of news for Skype on iOS and Android.

Skype is one of the most veteran video calling services on the market, originally born in the world of the PC and moving part of its infrastructure to mobile when the occasion arose. Now the company is preparing some new features for Android, including the reclaimed mode to blur the background of calls and thus offer more intimacy and privacy to its users, and also for the iPhone and iPad.

Changes for Android, iPhone and iPad

As we say, the changes are close to Android and it is that the record of news of a beta version of the Skype app, one of which Microsoft calls ‘Insider’. In this beta some improvements are included for both mobile operating systems, both iOS and Android, but some are specifically intended for the Google system.

For example, the changelog for Skype version 8.68, for now in its ‘Insider’ version, talks about the availability of a greater variety of ‘reactions’, or reactions, to calls. Reactions, already known in many services, are emojis that are associated with messages in response to them.

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For Android also comes the blurring of the funds. Skype will use artificial intelligence to detach the user from the background of the video call and thus be able to blur the latter, offering greater privacy to users during conferences. New extensions also arrive for the iPad and iPhone to allow easier sharing, as well as support for dark mode.

In addition to all this, version 8.68 of Skype will bring with it various stability and performance improvements, as well as fixes for small bugs detected in previous versions. The ‘Insider’ version of Skype that includes all this is already released and it will be a matter of time before they all reach the version open to all users of the platform.



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