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so you can activate them on your mobile

Until now Netflix allowed you to create a children’s profile for children, but the options have multiplied with the last update, extending to all profiles and with new parental control options.

So, now you can choose precisely the content rating you allow in a profile, block some movies or series from a certain profile or protect profiles with a PIN code. We tell you how you can configure it from your mobile.

Protect accounts with PINs

Restrictions on a profile will be of little use to you if the solution is as easy as entering another restricted one. To solve this, it is now possible protect some profiles with a PIN code. To do this from the application you must go to the menu and tap on Account.

This will open up your account settings on the Netflix website, where you should scroll down to find the list of account profiles. Scroll down to the profile you want to protect and click Profile Lock.


You will need to confirm your identity by entering your Netflix account password and then it will be your turn to enter the PIN code with which you want to protect this profile. It must be a four-digit numerical code.

Filter by age

While up to now you could choose whether a profile was for children or teenagers, now you have a selector to choose exactly the right content rating you want to allow. It can be accessed from Display restrictions. You have a choice of 18+ (unrestricted), 16+, 13+, 7+ or All Public.


Content Restriction

In the same section you can choose below if you want to mark the profile as a child profile and a new section, to do not show specific titlesregardless of your qualification. To use it you must write the name of the movie and series to add it to the list.


The movies or series you add to this list will not appear in this profile, but in the rest. From this same section of options you can also consult the viewing historyentering in the section Viewing activity.

More information : Netflix

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