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so you can choose who can answer your tweets

Twitter has just activated one of the latest changes made to the operation of its social network although, as usual, the release is taking place in a staggered manner and will take time to be available to all users. The latest is the possibility of publishing tweets publicly, without resorting to direct messages, and that only those users who you decide can answer you.

The operation is quite simple although, as we say, you have to have the function already active, and reaching everyone can be a matter of days. It’s simply an option added to the window that opens when we go to tweet and that allows us to decide who can and cannot answer, with a quite general option and another one that allows us to select specific people to start the conversation with. And yes, we can also publish tweets that nobody will be able to reply to. Everyone who does what he thinks is right at the time. We show you how it works.

How to decide who can respond to your tweets

The functionality appears indistinctly on Twitter applications for iOS, Android or any other mobile or desktop operating system, as well as being able to have it available in the browser if we use the web version of Twitter. We will simply need our turn, that is, that Twitter activates the function for the user group we are in, something that can be a matter of hours or days.

Using it is as simple as tweetingthe same way we used to. The difference is that now we have an added option at the bottom, just above the button panel that allows us to insert images, gifs or surveys. At the beginning, the message shown is “Anyone can respond”, being our tweet, therefore, completely public when interacting with it.

How to choose who can respond to your tweets How to choose who can respond to your tweets

If we click on this message, the different options for the tweet in question open and here we find the message “Who can answer?” followed by three options to choose from. The first is “All”, which sends a completely public message. The second option is “People you follow”, which allows us to send a tweet that can only be answered by the people we follow. Please note that the group of users we have chosen to follow will not be able to reply to the tweet.

The third and last option is “Only the people you mention” and here we are faced with the most restrictive option and the one that allows us to issue public tweets but does not allow responses. With this option, we can have only the people we put in the tweet text respond to us, but also we can mention no one, and therefore no one will be able to answer. Interestingly, these tweets do allow us to quote them, so there is a way to create debate with any tweet of this style even if we decide that we do not want to receive feedback of any kind.

In short, who can respond to our tweet?

  1. All. Anyone who reads it.
  2. People you follow. That you’re next, not that they’re following you.
  3. Only the people you mention. And if you don’t mention anyone, no one will be able to answer you.

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