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So you can find out which restaurants send food to your home on Google Maps

Being cooped up at home, going out only for the essentials is hard, and one of the pleasures that has been lost in confinement is going out to eat, to a bar, a restaurant or any other place. However, we can still caterand Google Maps has decided to make this task a little easier for us.

The most famous geolocation service on the planet, with the permission of other heavyweights, has adapted its application in the search section and now we can to know what places offer to bring the food home as part of his letter of service. But also what places offer take-out. A little help for them, with more ease to make their service known and to cope with this quarantine, and a little help for us.

Meals on iOS and Android

Google Maps for Android

Since catering is one of the essential services that has not stopped working with the quarantine period, many still offer home delivery of orders or the option for customers to pick up. A method to be able to remain open and operative until the alarm state passes, and now we can know which places bring us the food home with Google Maps.

Google has included two new options in the search for nearby venues that we had almost since its inception. Now we can specify that we are looking for a place with food “To go“or food”Home delivery.”Among the options to look for in the cards available to the app. Simply by doing this, looking for a restaurant and setting one of these options as a requirement, all the places available in our area appear before us.

Google Maps For Them

The restaurant tab has also been updated when shown on Google Maps, and now we can also see if they offer this option of home delivery of food, or pick up if necessary. We will also have the telephone number that is enabled for these orders in case the restaurant has one, or the web to go to in order to order food and have it brought to our home.

The improvement has been made in all Google Maps apps for mobile phones and tablets, so we have it available in both iOS and Android. All you need to do is update the application from our app store, whether it’s the Google Play Store or the App Store, and we can start looking for the place to serve us dinner tonight. However, we must assess whether placing this order compensates for the possible risk, both for the distributors and for ourselves, as indicated by our colleagues from Xataka Android.

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Google Maps

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