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so you can quickly join a video call

A few weeks ago we told you that Google would integrate Meet into Gmail, although there were only hints of what this web-level integration would look likewithout any news about the mobile versions. Google has just announced how this integration will be, which is already starting to be deployed in both iOS and Android.

Thanks to the new Meet features within Gmail we’ll be able to join a video call very quickly just by clicking a link, so let’s see how this interface level integration will look, as it looks pretty good.

Joining Google Meet from Gmail

1. Join_With_Email.gif

Google Meet already has integration with Gmail for iOS and Android, allowing us to join a video call directly from an email. As always, the deployment will be done in different phases, so Google warns that we will see this feature “in the next few weeks”, although the deployment starts today.

2. Join_Scheduled_Meeting.gif

Basically, we’ll see a new tab dedicated to Google Meet when we have meetings scheduled on Google Calendar. With these, we will only have to click to join any video call. Similarly, we can join if you send us an email with a link to the video callAll without leaving the Gmail application, from within the mail itself.

The new feature can be disabled at will if we don’t want this integration of Meet into Gmail

In case we don’t use Google Meet or don’t want to see this tab active, we can manually deactivate this integration from theThis is a good option for those users who do not want to use this video call service.

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