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Home » Some Xiaomi Mi Band and Amazfit Bip have synchronization problems, so you can fix them

Some Xiaomi Mi Band and Amazfit Bip have synchronization problems, so you can fix them

As many owners of a Xiaomi Mi Band or Amazfit Bip bracelet are reporting, their devices are suffering Sync problems with your phone due to the Xiaomi My Fit application. While the solution arrives to the app we show you a couple of ways to correctly synchronize the devices.

The Xiaomi Mi Band, in any of its models, is one of those accessories that complement each other perfectly with the smartphone. On the one hand, it allows you to monitor various health data; on the other hand, it offers the notifications of the phone on your wrist. Thanks to this, and its economical price, it is one of Xiaomi’s best-selling products, also among the best rated. That’s why we were so surprised by the recent negative comments in the Google Play Store, also some of the threads in the Spanish forum of the brand.

Xiaomi My Fit does not work properly for some users

Xiaomi My Fit

The problems detected by users do not concern the devices themselves, the Xiaomi Mi Band or the Amazfit Bip, among other accessories compatible with the Mi Fit app, it is the application itself that accumulates synchronization errors; what prevents the collected activity data from being saved on the phone for the bracelets and watches, also the sleep records.

User experiences have been reflected in comments on the Google Play Store, also in various threads in the Spanish Xiaomi forum. As reported by the owners of the bracelets and watches, My Fit stops synchronising certain data between accessories and phoneThe data can’t be accessed from the mobile phone.

The latest versions of My Fit cause synchronization errors in some bracelets and watches

The problem of synchronization failure is triggered by the latest versions of Xiaomi Mi Fitfrom 4.1.0. So the best way to solve such problems is to go back to an old version of the application:

  • Uninstall the Xiaomi My Fit application from your Android phone.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and make sure you turn off automatic updates.
  • Download an old version of My Fit. For example, 4.0.17. It’s located in Apk Mirror.
  • Install the My Fit APK and register the application with your Xiaomi account.
  • Add your Xiaomi Mi band or Amazfit watch to synchronize the data.

In addition to ‘out-of-date’ the Xiaomi My Fit application you can also use alternative timing applications such as Notify & Fitness. At least while Xiaomi solves the timing problems with My Fit.

We contacted Xiaomi and she confirmed that they are investigating possible synchronization problems with the devices. These problems do not affect all Mi Band or AmazfitIn addition, not all synchronized health data is affected.

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