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1604642685 Spotify now allows you to play content on the Apple

Spotify now allows you to play content on the Apple Watch without relying on your iPhone

Spotify has started to implement the independent broadcast on the Apple Watch. The feature has been in testing for a few months now, and Spotify has confirmed to TechCrunch that it is gradually starting to reach users.

This means that no longer need to rely on the iPhone to play content on the Apple WatchThe Spotify application can be opened on the watch and the music can be played from the watch and streamed to your Bluetooth headset or speakers.

Spotify goes independent on the Apple Watch

Until now, if you wanted to play Spotify content on the Apple Watch you had to go through the iPhone. With the independent streaming of content we can now listen to Spotify music and podcasts from the clockwithout relying on the phone. A WiFi or data connection will be required, although it is not necessary to be connected to the iPhone.

Spotify Apple Watch Image: Applesphere.

With this system we can transmit music directly to AirPods or any other Bluetooth headset. However, we cannot yet download content from the Apple Watch to listen to it offline, we are dependent on the network at all times.

The feature is reaching some users around the world in beta, so it may not be entirely stable

The function is reaching some users in a beta phase, as in the case of our colleagues in Applesfera, so there may be some error when using it. However, it’s great news and that Spotify will finally stop being so dependent on the iPhoneand can now manage everything from the Apple Watch.

Via | TechCrunch

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