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Spotify renews iOS and Android app for faster access to favourite music

Spotify is constantly renewing its mobile applications for both Android and iOS. One of the latest redesigns was for Apple’s system, so now it’s time for a global one that’s suitable for all users. And it’s almost here now: Spotify makes the new start of its mobile application official.

Listening to music on your phone is not complicated as you can simply upload your tracks to the standard player (or download a new player) and have access to all your favourite tracks. This is a small effort as it requires manual uploading; apart from the number of topics will always be limited. And that’s where the huge success of streaming comes from, with Spotify at the forefront: it makes it very easy to find new music.

All the favourites on the home screen

New Design Spotify Home

Even though services like Spotify provide an endless amount of music, offering millions of songs to listen to, in the end we always end up listening to almost the same thing. Usual lists, genres that fit our tastes and artists who have made a name for themselves in our music collection. That’s why Spotify has revamped the application’s cover, the usual ‘Home’, to allow access to your favourite music with just one touch.

Until now we had different rows with previously played lists, music to discover, different suggested genres and podcasts selected by Spotify. This is maintained with the redesign, although we will now have a more personal upper part made of suggestions that will be adapted to the moment. Ready to start the day if we open Spotify in the morning, to stay active at the end of the afternoon, suggestions for commonly heard genres and different custom music that the Spotify AI will choose for us. All without losing the square cards with genres, podcasts and playlists.

The new way to find all your favourite music faster has started to spread to all applications, both free Spotify accounts and premium users. We’ve had a surprise activation: the change is made from the server side and there is no need to update the application.



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