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strategy with side scroll, pixel art and no advertising

The arrival of ‘Kingdom: Two Crowns’ at the end of 2018 meant to a certain extent a reinvention of strategy titles who had known each other until now. Its creators chose to simplify everything as much as possible, placing a side scroll to move around the stage and telling us to grow our kingdom by obtaining resources and new subjects.

The landing came with the promise of a mobile phone version that is already here, although it has been delayed by almost a year and a half since the game first set foot on the PC world. Now we can now get ‘Kingdom: Two Crowns’ for both iOS and Android although, we warn you, this is not a financial title. However, without any kind of interior publicity, something that is being lost in recent times.

On the mobile, paid and unadvertised

As in all strategy games, in ‘Kingdom: Two Crowns’ we will be in charge of the development of a territory, in this case our kingdom. We’ll have to go collecting coinsWe will use the information obtained during our explorations or through the resources of our lackeys to expand and improve the kingdom. We will grow the walls and we will even be able to get boats to cross the sea and continue exploring and expanding.

Another area to grow up in will be the armyThis will be improved by various developments and made fat by our new additions. We will build tools and weapons so that the development never stops and, in short, make us bigger and that our kingdom survives. We will also face the attacks of others, of course, because we will have confrontations. Unfortunately, it seems that we will have to wait a little longer for these confrontations to be against other people.

Kingdom: Two Crowns is a pay game, no advertising and no in-app shopping

The style pixel art from ‘Kingdom: Two Crowns’ comes for both Android and iOS and is available at app stores on both platforms. We are not talking about a cheap title because lands for 10.99 eurosBut we will not find any advertising inside it, nor will we find any shopping inside it. All the coins we get will be with our effort, and not thanks to put our credit card number.

Kingdom: Two Crowns’ comes with the promise of future improvements, such as the inclusion of the aforementioned online mode, as already warned by Raw Fury on April 2nd. If we want, we can play in a collaborative way and in split screen with another user in the same device, something surely more designed for tablets than for mobile phones. And in case you ask, yes, there is support for Bluetooth controls if we want to, as long as we have at least iOS 13 or Android 10.

Kingdom: Two Crowns - Build, explore, defend

Kingdom: Two Crowns – Build, explore, defend

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