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Take photos with your mobile today and not be able

Take photos with your mobile today and not be able to see them until tomorrow: this is Dispo

For many, many years photography was not a matter of shoot and check, that came much later. The photographs were stored solely and exclusively in analog reels that had to be developed, and that took time. But the process accelerated until the emergence of digital devices, led by mobile phones, changed absolutely everything.

Now we even have social networks designed to publish photographs taken at the same moment, such as Instagram, although they have lost part of their essence. Dispo wants to change this in his own way. An app that triumphs in Silicon Valley and that lets us take a picture today but we can’t see it until tomorrow. False revealed to increase the expectation, and it seems that it triumphs among the youngest.

Dispo: Capture Today, Check Tomorrow


The application in question is called Disco and has been co-created by David Dobrik, known youtuber American that aims with it at the younger generation. The intention of the app is to be rediscovered the pleasure of not knowing which photograph we have obtained until the film is developed, although in this case everything is a digital fiction that only increases the desire to see the final results.

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The application in question seems to imitate the style of the disposable cameras that both Kodak and Fujifilm popularized in the distant 90’s, back in the 20th century. The operation could not be simpler: we captured photos with the app but We won’t be able to see the result until 9 a.m. the next day. This simulates the development time, which in the past required going to a photography house for the magic to work. Without paying, of course.

According to its creators, with this system it is expected that those who use the app “live in the moment”, since they will be able to take pictures but not check them at the moment, so the taking of the picture will be a much shorter moment, arriving the review the next day. The application, to which for the moment accessed only on iOS, is already promoting the creation of different user communities.

If you were lucky enough to receive an invitation and join Dispo, you could join the community of your choice. There are user communities who share and comment on architectural photographs, urban photography, nature photography and even portraits. The app, which is already accessible without invitation, continues to gain traction among younger people, the so-called ‘Generation Z’ of those who were born between 1994 and 2010, although it seems to be especially successful in minors. Perhaps because of the taste of waiting in the face of the prevailing immediacy.

Dispo was accessed by invitation, but it is now open to all audiences

Dispo already receives calls from the main groups of investors in the United States, used to approaching the latest products out of Silicon Valley. Sequoia Capita, Andreesen Horowitz or Benchmark are among the groups that want to finance a faster growth of Dispo, which they believe will be a success. According to sources close to the company, financing close to 100 million dollars has already been offered.

David Dobrik David Dobrik

As these moments happen, Dispo continues to grow and is already preparing its version 2.0. For now, the application is free, although forms of internal financing are already being studied through micro-payments in the form of filter packages or even for rapid development. If Dispo continues to grow at a good rate, maybe we will see it at some point competing for the position against heavyweights like Instagram or Snapchat, we will see what finally happens. For now, we’ll keep track of him. Let’s remember that VSCO was a bet of the same magnitude that has ended up slowing down.

Dispo - Live the moment

Dispo – Live the moment

  • Price: Free (purchases inside)
  • Download at: iOS

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