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Home » TeamViewer launches video call app to fix problems remotely with augmented reality

TeamViewer launches video call app to fix problems remotely with augmented reality

A new application from Team Viewer, the company specialized in remote desktop software, helps family or friends solve problems using augmented reality. And also remotely: LifeAR uses video calls with up to six participants. From drawing on screen to including Emojis, everything so that the person on the other side knows what to do.

Those of us who know about technology constantly face requests for help. “Why is my phone not working”, “What do I have to do to fix an application” or “How do I free up space”, these three questions are faced almost daily. Offering help while present is more or less simpleBut what happens when the person requesting such help is far away? Team Viewer has thought about it.

LifeAR, remote augmented reality to help people


LifeAR offers video calls with the extra of remote augmented reality

The concept of this new Team Viewer application is easy to explain: LifeAR allows anyone who is far away to help with a video call. Of course, not only with video and sound, but also with augmented reality. That the other person should push a button? Point it at your mobile and you will see the mark on theirs using AR.

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LifeAr’s interface is very similar to that of a video call. Once an account is registered (phone number and date of birth are required), and as long as there are contacts who also use the application, LifeAR allows up to six participants to connect with voice and video; transferring what is drawn, written or dialed from one telephone to the other.

All mobiles must be compatible with ARCore (in the case of Android) and with ARKit (in the case of iPhone or iPad). Once the scene is detected, The app provides buttons to place arrows, to draw, offers Emojis and also allows you to write text. Everything that is drawn, written or marked from one phone will be projected onto the other using augmented reality: in this way the person who receives help will know exactly what to do because they will be able to interact almost physically with their space. Always using your own screen.


Apart from augmented reality by video call, LifeAR also allows screen sharing and call pause. All with a good enough video and audio quality, also the effectiveness of augmented reality is decent (the markers are not always 100% accurate, yes).

LifeAR is a great application for all those who want to help any friend or family member who is far away. It is a free app, it does not ask for permissions other than the logical ones access to camera, microphone and contacts and it has no ads. It does require the phone number (for the account) and the date of birth (in principle to ensure the age of use).



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