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Telegram 6.2 arrives with video editor, more animations, a monkey and other news

The well-known messaging application Telegram has launched its new version 6.2 for Android and iOS and, as usual, it comes with a good dose of new features, focusing on multimedia editing, animated GIFs and other changes.

Telegram 6.2 improves folders, allows your integrated photo editor also edit videosIn addition to the new features, the new interface improves the use of animated GIFs in chats and when sending photos, and improves the interface with more animations in Android, among other changes.

Video editor, with animated stickers

Sending photos and videos on Telegram is increasingly like posting stories on other applications such as Instagram or Facebook. The Telegram photo editor also supports videos, so you can add stickers, text and drawing on videos before they’re sent. In addition, you can change parameters such as brightness, saturation and so on in videos.

When sending photos, there are also changes. Telegram’s built-in photo editor allows you to add animated stickers before they’re sent. In doing so, the photo is sent as an animated GIF and not as a static photo.

Animated GIFs in trend


Speaking of animated GIFs, the GIF selector integrated into the application itself has been improved with a faster loading time. It also includes a panel of GIF in trendSo that you are always up to date with your reactions with animated GIFs.

Adding chats to folders is easier


Telegram 6.0 added the folders to the application, although the way to configure them was a bit hidden. In this version it is much easier to configure the folders, because with a long touch in a chat you can add it to a folder. Or remove it, if it was already classified in one.

In Android: animations and a monkey

In Android, Telegram comes with some extra novelty, especially in the visual aspect. The application includes new soft animations when sending messages, editing or deleting them. On the other hand, the video player loops videos shorter than 30 seconds and improves its controls for better usability.


Other sections that have received a face-lift are Data and storage and the configuration of the verification in two steps. Included in this section is an animated monkey that covers its eyes as you type your password. Not very useful, but certainly very cute.



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