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Telegram 6.3 raises the maximum file size to 2 gigs, adds the profile videos and new animated emojis and other changes

The upgrade to Telegram 6.3 is now available on Google Play and the App Store and, as we’ve become accustomed to, with a host of new features under the arm on several fronts, ranging from new functions to improvements or important privacy news.

Telegram 6.3 is uploaded on maximum file size to 2 GBIt improves the functionality of people close to you, incorporates the ability to use a profile video and finally lets you mute chats from people you don’t have on your contact list.

Profile Videos

Profile photos are a thing of the past. Now in Telegram you can use profile videosThe “I’m not a member” option is available, which is animated when your profile is displayed and as a photo in all other places (e.g. in the chat list).

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Telegram allows you to create a profile video using the application’s built-in camera or importing a video you already have on your cell phone. Then you must adjust the crop, duration and snapshot you want to choose as your profile photo, and that’s it.

Improvements in ‘People Nearby


Telegram has long incorporated the possibility of find people in the vicinity to chatas a new way to make friends with strangers. The functionality has been improved several times, and in this last version two changes have been added.

The first is that the distance from the person is indicated in the chat window. The second is that you suggests an icebreaker stickerwhich will be sent to the contact just by touching it.

Silencing Strangers’ Chats

Until now, Telegram did not count any filters to prevent someone from writing to you from the username or phone number. In this latest version, its creators have announced a new privacy setting so that chats from strangers are automatically archived.

Shipments up to 2 GB and other changes

The latest version of Telegram increases the maximum file size that can be sent to others up to 2 GB. This is a brutal figure, although the truth is that the previous figure was already: 1.5 GB.

Other changes available in this update are more animated emojisThe application also features a new music player for Android, a new filter to soften the skin in the application’s media editor, better statistics for groups of more than 500 members, a renewed music player for Android, video trimming and rotation and last but not least, a virtual penalty if you send in the emoji of a football.



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