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1610605741 Telegram exceeds 500 million active users after three days hosting

Telegram exceeds 500 million active users after three days hosting WhatsApp ‘refugees’

As if the Spielberg shark were approaching the beach again in search of supplies, the waters of instant messaging are more churning than ever. The movement of WhatsApp announcing to its users that it would begin to share even more data with the Facebook group has caused a stampede of users in search of a new communication channel, and Telegram has been one of the main recipients.

It has not been the only one, of course, because the download figures of Signal, recommended directly by Elon Musk, have shot up to 4,200% in recent days, enough to raise the app to the first position of the most downloaded in stores for iOS and Android. But Telegram has taken its good cut and has communicated that has already exceeded 500 million active users.

27% of new users from Europe


As we say, there have been few apps that have fished in the troubled waters of a WhatsApp that even posted a thread on Twitter explaining the reasons for his movement (from Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp on Facebook) and making it clear that the private data of its users would not be revealed. They have also created a dedicated page in their online help section to explain the same thing again, trying to cut the leakage of users.

This is Signal, the secure and private messaging app that grows like foam at the cost of the escape of WhatsApp

But these movements do not seem to have convinced a sensitive number of users because if Signal does not stop growing, the same thing has happened to Telegram. The company has warned through a message on its platform of a historic milestone for them. 25 million users have gained Telegram in the last 72 hours since the rout began, and that has led the company led by Pavel Durov to exceed 500 million active users.

Still far from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Telegram crosses the line of 500 million active users

Pavel Durov reports, through his own Telegram channel, that this increase has occurred more or less evenly in different parts of the world. Durov states that 38% of new users have come from Asia, 27% from Europe (users not affected by the WhatsApp movement), 21% from Latin America and 8% from the Middle East and North Africa.

Telegram message

Considering that both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the market leaders in the last unofficial count, then exceeded 2 billion users, Telegram is still very far from the head, but we will see how photography looks when the different specialized consultants bring out the market numbers. Meanwhile, on Telegram they welcome this growth.

It has probably been partly influenced by the fact that Telegram has mocked WhatsApp and Facebook on social networks as a result of their latest privacy and data-sharing conditions, and that these taunts have become viral. We will never know, what we do know is that Telegram has crossed the barrier of 500 million users and the market seems to balance out a bit. At least more than it was until three days ago.

More information | Pavel Durov on Telegram

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