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Telegram is updated with commentary threads, improved search and new animations

Telegram has just been updated with important new features for both iOS and Android. The app, despite continuing to lag behind rivals such as WhatsApp in terms of user numbers, continues to grow and improve in terms of features. Specifically, with this latest update, improvements in search filters, channel commenting and much more.

So let’s detail what are the new features that have come to TelegramThis is a fairly complete update and we recommend installing it as soon as possible.

Telegram is updated with important improvements

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The first news that comes to Telegram has to do with search filters. Besides being able to search by categories (media, links, files, voice and so on) we can now search chronologically. That is, we can search, for example, for “August 14”, so that we can get the documents or Telegram chats for that day.

All the search options can be combined to generate a fairly complete equation

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This function can be combined with the option to search by namethat is, we can generate a search equation like: linked messages, sent on May 12containing the word “Xataka”. This is a fairly accurate way to search for any type of file.


The second novelty concerns the option of anonymize our group administrator profile. That is, we can activate the option to remain anonymous within the group, without showing our name, profile photo or any data related to us. This is a very useful option when we want to comment on a group that we manage and in which there are many people.

Image 2020 10 01 08 26 09

Thirdly, we have a new comment button for publications. The comments appear in the thread format, so we can comment within the message itselfinstead of going Flooding by sending loose messages within the chat room. This function must be enabled within the Telegram settings themselves, it will not be activated by default.

If we’re talking about Android, new animations and pop-ups arriveThe new interface has been designed with small changes to improve the Telegram experience. Similarly, there are small improvements in the animated emojis.

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