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Telegram updates with multiple message settings playlists and more enhancements

Telegram updates with multiple message settings, playlists and more enhancements

Halloween is coming down hard on Telegram, and not just because of the tricks and treats that are going to be spread in your chats: the messaging application has decided to upgrade by offering a host of improvements. Multiple messages can now be posted (in groups and private chats), real-time location indicates where each person is looking, media files are grouped into playlists, and more enhancements.

It may not be the most widely used as WhatsApp wins at that point, but there is no doubt Telegram has renewed the messaging application landscape like no other. Just look at the excellent progression of the platform: it has gone from supporting chats and group conversations to becoming a multi-functional app that brings together everything from media player to cloud file backup. And Telegram doesn’t stop, we already have a new update among us.

Telegram 7.2.0: more complete and prepared for Halloween

The developers have uploaded the new version of Telegram, which corresponds to the number 7.2.0, to the mobile application stores, they have also updated the web and desktop software. And they took the opportunity to adapt the aesthetics of the icons to HalloweenTelegram has animated some terrifying Emojis and has included the animation of the Emoji of the slot machines to simulate authentic operation. With each delivery you can play a prize.

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Beyond the aesthetic elements, Telegram 7.2.0 offers notable improvements in the advanced use of the messaging application. These are:

  • Multiple messages set. Administrators can post various messages in chats. And everyone will be able to access the list with a new icon at the top of the screen.
  • Real-time location improvements. From this version onwards, Telegram will show on the map not only people moving, but also where they are pointing their mobile phones. This makes it easier to find each other.
  • Music files grouped by playlist. When several audio files are sent they will now be grouped together as a playlist.
  • Channel Statistics. Administrators have access to new statistical tools to know the visits, the number of comments, the times that content has been shared privately and more.
  • Telegram has renewed the application’s animations. The message sending and playback buttons offer a new look with the presses.
  • Editing a previously submitted photo. There is no longer any need to resubmit an image if the user allowed it to be processed: it can be edited directly by clicking on the brush icon.

The new version of Telegram is now available in the Google Play Store and App Store: upgrade directly from your app store.



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