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1608821566 Telegram will have advertising and payment services only for Premium

Telegram will have advertising and payment services only for Premium users, according to Pavel Durov

Telegram developers are planning how to get monetary return from the platform, this has been communicated by Pavel Durov, owner of Telegram. According to the statements, the messaging services will offer an advertising platform for the channels and include advanced features that they will only be accessible upon payment.

There is no doubt that Telegram has grown to gigantic levels around the world, growth that Approaches 500 Million Active Users Worldwide according to the owner of the platform, Pavel Durov. What began as an alternative to applications such as WhatsApp or Signal ended up being a conglomerate of functions that has managed to change the perception of a messaging app. And with all that innovation behind him, it was time to monetize the effort; no matter how heavy its users are.

Telegram will end its ‘all free’ policy

Telegram Payment

Until now All the services offered by Telegram are free of charge for users, whether individuals or companies. Telegram has private chats, conversation groups, maintains channels so that anyone has a means of communication, offers call services, voice chats and all the storage you need in the cloud. Logically, the services represent a huge cost for Telegram; that until now the platform itself paid for.

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In a Telegram article, its founder, Pavel Durov, has set the keys to the future of the platform. As he himself assures, ‘Telegram will start generating income, starting next year‘. This income will be achieved in two main ways.

Advertising reaches Telegram

Telegram Payment

Pavel Durov anticipates the announcements on the platform, although he assures that these will not be seen in the sections of the application intended for messaging (one-to-one chats, private chats, group chats, calls …). They will appear in the channels, whether they are public or company.

Advertising on Telegram is guaranteed, although it will not be intrusive and for the moment it will remain anchored to the channels

Telegram will create an ad platform so that channel owners can integrate them as if they were a normal message. Until now it was administrators who decided whether to include their own advertising messages, an option that Telegram plans to eliminate: it will be the platform that will manage the ads; with the consequent income for her.

Premium paid services

Telegram Payment

Pavel Durov has not specified which services will be paid, but Telegram will add functions that need more resources and that will be paid for by companies and those users who wish to benefit from a better experience. Pavel wants these extra functions not to cloud the basic use of the application, so it will surely be cosmetic options (paid stickers, own themes …) or exclusive additions with which to improve the app itself.

2021 will be the year in which the changes to Telegram begin to arrive. At a basic level, we will not see the application change, but it will be the beginning of a new strategy within the platform: make money from users. Something logical considering the volume that Telegram has reached around the world.

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