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1607084857 the app launches voice chats

the app launches voice chats

Voice calls land on Telegram with its latest beta for Android and also for iOS. Called ‘Voice chats’, with them they can communicate all members of a group by pressing the talk button, much like how walkie talkie apps work.

Telegram is gradually recovering ground in two of the aspects where it was somewhat delayed: video and audio communications. Making a call has been possible since 2017, in the case of video calls this novelty was introduced in August 2020. And there was an option that Telegram resisted, group voice calls. The good news is that they already work in beta versions. The bad news is that they are not voice calls as we imagine them.

Group voice and walkie talkie-style chats

Telegram Voice Calls Voice calls in Telegram beta for iOS

New voice calls They are already enabled in Telegram beta version 7.3 (build 21649). To make use of them you have to install this beta version, both for iOS and Android. All participants in voice chats must have it installed to participate. Y only a group administrator can initiate group calls.

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The calls involve the users of the group whom the administrator invites to participate. They can only be done within groups, They are still not able to call a person through Telegram and incorporate more participants. And the mechanics of voice chats are quite similar to a conversation via walkie talkie: whoever wants to speak must press the button for their voice to be transmitted; It is also possible to keep this button pressed, thus occupying the channel. Several people can speak at the same time (although surely nothing is understood).

Telegram Voice Calls Voice calls in Telegram beta for Android

To use the new voice calls in Telegram, the following steps must be carried out:

  • As we have said, all participants must have the latest beta of the application installed. On Android you can get it from here; for iOS you have this link to the version of TestFlight (it is currently full).
  • Calls only work in groups. Create one in Telegram or use the option in whatever you have done. You must be an administrator.
  • Click on the name of the group and then on the three menu items. You will see the option of ‘Start voice chat‘. Squeeze there.
  • Choose if you want everyone to be able to speak (the default option) or if only the administrator can transmit the voice. In this case, check the box of ‘Only admins can talk‘. Then click on ‘Create’.
  • The voice call will be created. Now you just have to invite the group members you want.
  • To leave the voice room click on ‘Leave’. If you are the one who created it, you can also finish it.
  • The administrator can leave the voice call without ending it: As long as the others do not leave the room, the chat will remain active.
Telegram Voice Calls Voice calls in Telegram for Android

The operation is adequate, the quality has not seemed bad to us. And it is a good complement for groups: this way they can communicate in a more orderly way than with a ‘traditional’ VoIP call.

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