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the app now allows you to limit interactions and filter words

Instagram strengthens its privacy tools by adding more options to counteract the excess of comments and private messages, especially those that are not wanted. Word filtering is now available to everyone. And soon more limitations will come for the most aggressive interactions and warnings against the use of offensive words.

Given the large volume of comments that can be received on Instagram when a publication goes viral, with the consequent barrage of private messages that are often unwanted, from the network they are developing various tools that help combat this excess of interactions. And several of them will begin rolling out to all users over the next few weeks, including anticipated word filtering. Facebook dixit.

Instagram adds word filtering and limitation of comments and private messages

Filtering Words Instagram 2

Limits on interactions. Facebook screenshots

Facebook has announced several novelties for the application that was born as a platform to share photos taken with the mobile phone and that little by little is becoming a messaging conglomerate, video platform and social network. Given its popularity, it is logical that there are abuses, especially in interactions between users.

How to limit sexual or violent posts on Instagram: this is how the new sensitive content control works

Instagram privacy acquires three new tools, the first one already available to everyone. These tools are:

  • Word filtering. From the privacy options, the user can access a large number of settings with which to hide comments and private message requests, both automatically (depending on what Instagram considers offensive) and manually. Words can be added so that when someone writes them, communication is prevented.
Filtering Words Instagram

Word filtering on Instagram

  • Limits for comments and private messages. With this option, called “Limits” in the privacy options, the user can limit interactions for a specified time. It is useful for the occasions when a publication goes viral, for example.
  • More warnings when users try to comment offensively. Instagram reinforces the detection of offensive words by clearly alerting the user who repeatedly tries to add them to their comments. According to Instagram, “the warnings will be more serious“.

The privacy tools will progressively reach all applications and users, both those who use Android and iOS (and the web). Word filtering is currently available, it appears in our accounts (only on Android). Hopefully the rest of the options will be available soon.

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