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1604548874 The app that nobody had asked for and we hope

The app that nobody had asked for (and we hope you don’t need it) warns your contacts if you die and even organizes the funeral

I leave’ has just landed on Google Play Store and Apple Store: an application to organize your funeral and communicate your last wishes to your closest contacts. The app aims to create personalized messages for our contacts, as well as let us reflect details about the funeral, last wills and so on.

At a time of pandemic that has raised the number of deaths exponentially from last year, it can be quite controversial to launch a app of this kind. Despite this, we wanted to test it to see what it offersIt’s one of the most curious things we’ve seen in the app stores.

All predictions are few and far between with this app

I Leave

I leave’ is intended as an application to create your “social will” and organize details about your funeral. The app is still pretty green because, without going any further, the ‘living will’ section does not work (we are told that we will be able to do so soon). When we open the app we find a rather minimalist interface, but here the important thing is the content: we’re gonna write things down to our contacts in case we die.


The first thing we have to do is set up the contacts, with the free version we have to do it from one. The fields to fill in are your name, surname, email and phone number. It is only necessary to fill in the name in a mandatory way, but if we want them to be notified in the future, it is convenient to fill in all the fields. I Leave’ ensures that the content of the app is encrypted, so this data, on paper, is protected.

Dedications Dedications and requests for the funeral: with this application we can leave in writing what we want to be sent to our contacts.

Once the contacts have been added we have several options: create dedications, requests and add confidants. The confidant must be our trusted person, since she will be in charge of activating the sending of dedications, the death notice and everything we have filled in in the app. You will need to be registered in the application and accept our invitation of confidence. This way, when the time comes, you can communicate the time, reason of death and send the notifications to the rest of the contacts in the app.

With ‘I Leave’, in addition to creating dedications for the contacts we want, we can record some of the details about our funeral

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In the requests section we can choose the type of funeralAlthough for the moment we can only choose between religious and lay people. Similarly, it is possible to add reminder texts for the contacts, as well as to leave reflected the song that we want to play at the funeral.

As for the dedications, we can link them to our contacts so that they receive a PDF with the dedication when the time comes. In it we can put a text and a header image. When the confidant authorizes it, contacts will receive your dedication.

‘I Leave’, in short, allows us to send notifications to our contacts with dedications and last wills for the funeral. The premium version allows you to notify up to 100 contacts both by mail and by SMS, while with the free version we can notify 13 contacts by email.

I leave

I leave

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