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the best application to set up and customize an Amazfit device in iOS

Although the [Apple Watch]( is the clock that is best understood with iOS, the popular Amazfit devices can also connect to the iPhone. Here the Amazfit application plays an important role, although is somewhat limitedSo knowing more customizable alternatives can always come in handy.

Let’s talk to you about Amaztools. It’s an application compatible with all Amazfit devices and that allows us to perform quite a few functions, some of them to customize our watch beyond what the official application allows. As it couldn’t be otherwise, the application is free, so let’s take a look at it to see everything it has to offer.

Amaztools: a great tool for Amazfit

Amaztools Interface

When we open the Amaztools home page, we will see a rather sparse interface that shows us the distance, kilometers and calories of the dayThe battery is a small, handy device that can be used for a variety of purposes. However, the magic comes in the rest of the sections, much more complete. The section right next to home is the watchfaces search engine. The catalogue is incredibleThe newest version of the game, with a lot of spheres that are updated week after week, so that we can always have the newest ones.

With this application we can install any watchface on our Amazfit device. Just download it from the browser and open it in the app

Many of them are based on the Apple Watch spheresSo if we have, for example, an Amazfit GTS, we can enjoy practically identical spheres optimized for OLED panels. The next section is the download section, one of the most useful. Thanks to this we can install spheres from external pages. We only have to download the .bin file, open it with Amaztools and the application will automatically detect the sphere to install it. This is something that the Amazfit application itself does not allow, but thanks to this tool we can do it in a matter of seconds.

Similarly, we have a fourth section dedicated to sports activity, in which we can synchronize all our progress with this application to monitor the exercise we’ve been doing over the weeks.

Amaztools Settings

So far the application seems useful, but it does not shine too brightly beyond allowing us to install third party spheres. However, in the ‘more’ section we start to see very striking options. The first one is to install custom files. This can be used to install all the spheres we have downloaded or some firmwares personalized, in case our Amazfit supports it.

Secondly we have a remote trigger that allows us to use the clock as a trigger. This is a very useful function to put the mobile where we want and shoot remotely through our watch or bracelet. Similarly, we can do the same with the flashlight.

Another very useful option is the music controller. We can connect services like Spotify and set up whatever we want the Amazfit button to do. For example, two taps to turn up the volume, three to stop the playback… whatever we want. In case you have



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