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the famous word game is back with new features

With more than 70 years behind it, one of the most famous traditional board games in the world is Scrabble, the one in which each player tried earn more points by building words on a 15×15 square board. It was precisely their popularity that soon led EA to create a mobile version, first by Hasbro for the United States and Canada, and then in collaboration with Mattel for the rest of the world.

Now, Scopely proposes an improved update of the word game with ‘Scrabble GO’, a new title that is already available for free download in both Google Play and the App Store. However, it includes purchases within the application from 1.09 euros.

Five dynamic game modes

Scrabble Go 02

Scrabble GO’ offers a version of the classic cross-word game with the official board, letter counters and dictionaries of Scrabble. With it, you can start with easy one-on-one games, and then test your vocabulary in one of the different competition modes included.

And not only can you play against your Facebook contacts or your friends and family, but you can also expand your network of Scrabble opponents with the new Favorite feature, which allows you to easily stay connected and includes a chat with fun emoticons and sentences.

Scrabble Go 03

In addition to the Practical ModeIn ‘Scrabble GO’, we play individual Scrabble games against ‘the machine’ according to our skill level:

  • DuelsScrabble: This is a fast-paced, one-on-one game of Scrabble where you compete with players of a similar level to you, each with five time-limited turns to speed up the game.

  • Word DropThe game is a word search game that changes continuously, so that the letters you have used are destroyed and replaced by others, changing the remaining tiles.

  • TumblerThe High Score Word Challenge: challenges you to find the maximum number of high-score words in a rotating set of letters for a limited time; you get bonus points for the longest and most unique words.

  • RushSolo Mode: This is a solitaire mode that allows you to play word after word, creating your own moves on a reduced 11 x 11 board; the goal is to get the most points with a limited number of Time and Turns.

  • LeaguesLeague Rank: The Arena game trophies will give you access to a new League Rank, which is updated weekly.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock chests to discover and collect customised letter sheets. You can also keep track of your Scrabble skills with the new profile page, as well as review your average scores and best scores in all game modes. And of course, check out other players’ profiles to compare statistics.

Scrabble GO

Scrabble GO

  • Developer: Scopely
  • Download it in: App Store
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Words

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