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The filters that react to the music playing arrive at Instagram

On Instagram there are filters that are applied to your face, augmented reality filters, image effects, random tests, those that react to movements of the mouth, eyes, touches on the screen and more. As if that weren’t enough, Instagram filters are now available that change according to the music that’s playing.

Instagram has announced on its blog a new type of filter: those that react to the music that is playing right now. Filter makers with the Spark AR tool can include their own music or have the filter adapt to the music being captured by the microphone. Y you can try it now with the latest version of Instagram.

This filter looks familiar

Instagram has added Spark AR, the application to create filters for Instagram, which they call the ability to react to music. The possibility is there, although what is done with it depends entirely on the creativity of the creators.

In some of the example filters mentioned in Instagram, we have glasses showing an equalizer with the music playing at that moment, a frame that moves, background design that varies or even a beard that changes according to the song.

Filter makers can include the song directly in the filter – provided they have the rights -, allow users to choose a song from the tracks included in the Instagram library, or wear the microphone to capture whatever’s in the background.

These filters that respond to music are available from today on Instagram for Androidwhile they will arrive later at the iOS version. What the filter makers will do with this tool is something that will still take a few more days to see, although the idea promises very entertaining filters.

Via | The Verge

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