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The Fleets arrive, tweets that last only 24 hours

The wave of ephemeral content spread (or was stolen) from Snapchat to Facebook applications, starting with Instagram. Upload a photo or video, accompanied by text, and only lasts 24 hours activeThis is the basis of the so-called Stories. Almost all social networks have been copying this format, also companies like Google and Netflix. But there was one irreducible one that resisted the Stories: Twitter. Until now.

Yes, it’s official: Twitter has given up on ephemeral content. The tweets with an expiration date have just been released, so far only in Brazil. The format is the same as seen so far: photos, videos and texts with a maximum duration of 24 hours. And they have a name: Fleets.

Twitter tests Fleets in Brazil

Twitter Fleets Composition of a new Fleet

The new ephemeral tweets are already being tested, for the time being only in Brazil. There, users with Android or iOS can to test the excellence of the Fleet StoriesThis is a way of sharing content that does not seek to remain in time as it self-destructs.

Just as announced Kayvon BeykpourAs a result of the new Twitter product manager, mobile users in Brazil can now attach their Fleets to the social network. The process is simple:

  • The Twitter Stories appear as circles just below the header, as in Instagram.
  • To publish a new Fleet just click on the first icon, the one that represents us.
  • We can attach photos and video, also customize this content with freehand drawings or stickers.
  • Once the Fleet is finished, you just have to press the button and that ephemeral tweet will be attached to our History; which can be seen by our followers.
  • The Fleets last 24 hours, after which time they will disappear.

Twitter is in localized testing, as we said, so we don’t know when it will reach all the countries and if it finally arrives: it’s not certain that the Fleets will become part of the social network. Although, given the presence of the Stories in the applications, they are most likely here to stay.

More information | Kayvon Beykpour

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