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1607835837 the libraries app is now Biblio Digital

the libraries app is now Biblio Digital

The Spanish network of libraries has thoroughly updated the eBiblio app after removing it from the app stores: it is now Digital Biblio, it offers a new design and the book reader has been significantly improved. It is already available in the Play Store and App Store, although for now It is only valid for Castilla y León and Catalonia.

The eBiblio application recently suffered a setback that annoyed a large part of its users: the Spanish library network changed developer disconnecting access to the loan of books to several of the Autonomous Communities. And now it returns to mobile application stores with notable changes, including a new name: from eBiblio to Biblio Digital. It can now be downloaded again and updated if you have the previous version.

Biblio Digital: new design and same book loan service

Digital Biblio

eBiblio was an application of notable popularity among the regulars of the libraries of Spain since it allowed to carry on the smartphone almost the same services offered by physical entities. Thanks to an app that provided access only to members of the libraries of each Autonomous Community, eBiblio made it possible to read a huge number of books in eBook format just by borrowing them. And we speak in the past tense not because the services have changed, but because the environment is now very different.

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After the disappearance of the app from mobile stores, Biblio Digital occupies its space by returning to the App Store and Google Play Store. If it happened to you like us, and you had automatic updates activated, you will have run into a totally different icon, also its aesthetic is very different from eBiblio. I am positive since the application now looks more current, it has also improved reading, one of its strengths.

Digital Biblio

Although the library network has updated the previous app, you will most likely have to log in when Biblio Digital is opened for the first time. Once the process is complete (it is essential to be a member of the library) you can access the cover with the books organized in the form of a card. The look of the interface is more polishedBiblio Digital has a lower navigation menu, each title has a cover photo (it lacks resolution) and descriptive text with the publication data.

The reading interface is much more pleasant, dispenses with the red reinforcement colors and offers a much more complete and clear customization menu. Under our tests, reading on mobile phones and tablets with Biblio Digital is very comfortable, both during the day and at night. The app offers dark mode, brightness control and a deep sepia option to less strain your eyes.

Digital Biblio

Biblio Digital is now available in mobile stores: you can download it if you didn’t have eBiblio or update the previous application directly. It is still free, but requires a library card compatible with the service (at the moment it is valid for Castilla y León and Catalonia). And it suffers from forced shutdowns on certain devices: at the moment it is somewhat unstable.

Digital Biblio

Digital Biblio

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