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1604595846 The National Police develop the application DNIe in the mobile

The National Police develop the application ‘DNIe in the mobile’.

The driving licence app will not remain alone on the phone: the Spanish National Police have confirmed that they are developing an application that will enable the use of the DNI on the mobile. This way you no longer have to carry the physical document to identify yourself.

The evolution towards smartphone dominance in telecommunications has brought with it the phagocyte of a number of functions outside the phone itself. For example, we can listen to music with our mobile phone, watch films, take photos, pay with our phone and even prove our identity by using applications such as our driving licence. And the next step was clear: convert the physical National Identity Card into a smartphone app. That step has already been taken.

The DNIe project develops the app ‘DNI on the mobile’.

Dnie App

Showing that it is us showing the phone is possible thanks to the application of the DGT, which allows you to carry your driver’s license. However, it is not valid for all transactions, so it is impossible to go out on the street without your wallet because we’ll always need the ID card. This has been evolving with the introduction of electronics, the DNIe project has three versions of card behind it. Or four, because the DNI 4.0 is underway, along with the aforementioned mobile app.

Electronic ID or eID: what it is, how to activate it and all you can do with it

It has been the general director of the Spanish Police, Francisco Pardo, who has communicated the development of the application in the Commission of Interior of the Congress. In this commission the director general has been shredding the expense budget assigned to the National Police for 2021, a budget that is 20.81% higher than the 2020 budget. Among all the budget (3,651,136,840 Euros), the Police Force has 25 million Euros for the DNIe Digital Identity Project; of which 6.5 million Euros will be incorporated in 2021 to complete the development of the DNI 4.0, the DNI Express, the inclusion of tablets in the issuing of documents, the payment of fees using debit or credit cards will be added and the application “DNIe in the mobile” will be reworked.

Francisco Pardo did not detail the deadlines for the development of the DNI on the mobile phone, nor did he specify how the application will work. It is to be expected that, when the card is renewed, there will be an option to give authorization to the mobile app, something similar to what happens with the PIN of the electronic certificate. Such an application would serve as personal identification, no need to carry a physical ID and we could leave behind the use of the wallet since both the IDs and the means of payment would be on the phone. We’ll keep track of the development, it’s bound to be a long one.

More information : Ministry of the Interior

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