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1603938514 the network is preparing to extend the time for content

the network is preparing to extend the time for content creators

The end of 2016 was approaching when Instagram made one of its biggest changes to date. Facebook’s mobile photography and video platform included the ability to broadcast live from their stories. All it took was look for the “Direct” button to start broadcasting and have our contacts connect to see us.

A year later, with a month’s difference in the calendar, Instagram allowed live video with a friend, each from their phone and camera. It’s always up to an hour long, but that’s about to change. Because of the various settings Instagram is making on its platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the app is preparing to allow direct up to four hours duration.

More time for creators and 30 days of archiving

Naomi Campbell live on Instagram Naomi Campbell live on Instagram

If the one-hour direct from your contacts and influencers you thought they were too long, so hang on, there’s curves coming. Facebook announces as of today, Tuesday, that the maximum duration of its live broadcasts and quadruples them, although there is no exact date for the new time to come into effect. This means that there will no longer be a limit of one hour in the broadcasts, now live video can be broadcast for up to four hours of duration.

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Instagram says that the reason for this change in its live policy is to make life easier for content creators in the midst of the pandemic. Longer sessions will now be possible uninterrupted every sixty minutesThe first is a series of sessions, says Instagram, referring to sessions given by yoga and gymnastics instructors, musicians, cooks, and so on.

The live shows will be stored in our archive for 30 days before being deleted

Not all users will have access to these live four-hour stories, however, as it seems that the platform wants to maintain certain “hygiene” policies. For this reason will veto direct lengthy users who have previously violated its policieseither because of their behaviour or because of intellectual property.

In addition to this, the live videos will also be housed in the history archive and remain there for thirty days. After that time they will disappear, so Instagram recommends that if you want to keep them, it would be best to download them and upload them to your Instagram TV. As mentioned above, there is still no fixed date for the live time to be extended from 60 to 240 minutes. We assume that it will be a matter of days but we only know that it will be “soon”.

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