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the new family cooking game is now available

In both Google Play and the App Store, you can find a lot of applications aimed at a child audienceAlthough we already know, on the one hand, that the WHO recommends that children under two years of age should not have access to mobile phone screens, and on the other hand, that if we leave a device to a minor, it must be properly configured.

Within that variety of apps for the whole family with some characters easily recognizable by the little ones of the house. Such is the case of the latest proposal from Tilting Point, also creators of games as diverse as ‘Narcos: Iddle Cartel’ or ‘Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest’. On this occasion, they bring us a title starring SpongeBob and located in the restaurants and kitchens of Bikini Bottom.

You want to be a frying expert?

SpongeBob 3

Mr. Crab realizes he can make even more money in the fast food world and sets out to expand his empire. How? Starting with a breakfast stand right in front of SpongeBob’s house. This is how the game ‘SpongeBob Cooking Contest’ begins, in which you will have to create your own kitchen in Bikini Bottom, decorate and personalize your restaurantand serve delicious dishes to familiar faces such as Patricio Arenita or Calamardo.

And not only will we have to prepare Burger Cangreburgers in the Crispy Crab, but also steaks and ribs in the Sand House, hot dogs in Weenie Hut Jr, a barbecue in the Sandy Tree Vault, etc. All of them while you explore known restaurants and new kitchens in Fondo de Bikini and Laguna Viscosa, among other places.

SpongeBob 4

As you progress in the game, you can earn rewards and unlock characters, clothing, furniture, decorations for your restaurants, etc. In addition, you will be able to climb positions on the board by participating in the weekly events and the kitchen and quick service challenges.

The game ‘SpongeBob Cooking Contest’ is free to download on both platforms, but includes optional purchases in the application 1.09 to 109.99, so if a child is going to play, they should be turned off. It has a PEGI 3 rating on Android and for over 4 years on iOS. Its biggest drawback, as usual, is the advertising.

SpongeBob Cooking Contest

SpongeBob Cooking Contest

  • Developer: Tilting Point
  • Download it in: App Store
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Strategy / Casual

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