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1614083811 the sound in maximum quality will arrive on Spotify this

the sound in maximum quality will arrive on Spotify this 2021

Spotify just launched Spotify HiFi, a new option for lossless audio that will launch this year. Thus, the service will compete on sound quality level with Tidal and Amazon Music HD, platforms that already had HiFi audio.

As our colleagues from Engadget explain at the moment there are no dates for the arrival of HiFi to Spotify, but the presentation has been endorsed by giants like Billie Eilish and it aims to be one of Spotify’s main weapons by 2021.

Sound in CD quality by 2021


Spotify will have a new subscription option to listen to music in CD quality. In this way, the service responds to the complaints of the most audiophiles, who saw competitors such as Tidal or Amazon Music HD surpass Spotify in sound quality.

Spotify will offer sound in HiFi, but it will be a separate subscription, so prices or adjustments that will be in the plans are not yet known

Specifically, Spotify claims that it will “deliver music in CD-quality, lossless audio format on your device,” as well as Spotify Connect compatible speakers. To put it in context, the highest quality sound in mp3 is usually set to 320 kbps, while HiFi can go up to 1,411 kbps, CD quality.

"Our goal is to become the world's largest audio consumer empire".  Interview with Federica Tremolada, from Spotify

The presentation was attended by Billie Eilish, in the company of Justin Bieber, Bruce Springteen and Barack Obama. A whole deployment to follow in the footsteps of the competition, which was already tightening in 2020. Tidal already offers CD quality, practically four times higher than Spotify.

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