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1611403753 The Spanish Society of Immunology creates an app to help

The Spanish Society of Immunology creates an app to help you distinguish the symptoms of COVID from other diseases

During the last hours, the application of the Spanish Immunology Society is being one of the most downloaded in the Google Play Store, and is also available on iOS. The purpose of the application is help users differentiate the symptoms of COVID from similar illnessessuch as the flu and the common cold.

The operation of the app is very simple and, through a short questionnaire that will take us about two minutes, we will have a “diagnosis” about the possible disease that we may have. The app is completely free and has no advertising.

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With this app you can get an idea if you have COVID or a simple cold

Sei Application

The SEI (Spanish Society of Immunology) app weighs only 8 megabytes on Android, being a very simple application that takes us to a questionnaire. The time set for it is two minutes, but if we are fast it will not take us much more than one minute to complete it.

The app is a questionnaire that will help us to have a reference about the possible disease that we have contracted. Distinguish between colds, flu and COVID

During the questionnaire we will be asked about the symptoms that we present: cough, mucus, loss of taste and smell, bad body, muscle pain, etc. Based on the answers we give, the application will show us a final screen with the results.

In this, in the form of percentages, we are shown the probabilities that we have one disease or another. The app itself indicates that the results are not a diagnostic testbut an orientation.



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