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the summer Google Maps to know the shady areas and not to spend (so much) heat

The world of web pages is wonderful, and today we come up with one of those examples to prove it. Shadowmap is a website that allows us know in real time the areas of sun and shade, being fully optimized for mobile phones to give an experience similar to that of Google Maps or any other map app.

It is a free service from which you can create a shortcut to launch it as if it were an app. We are going to explain how it works, since It is a great idea so that you know what are the best times to go out on the street and avoid the worst moments of heat that summer brings.

With this “app” you can go for a walk in the shade

Shadowmap App

Shadowmap is a rather curious concept: a “Google Maps” to know the shadow areas according to the position of the sun. This will allow you to take a walk in any area knowing exactly what will be the best shaded areas (if there is some shade), or organize to go out in the hours when there will be more shadows.

The app shows with great precision the amount of sun and shade that there will be according to each exact hour of the day

The “app” is precise to the millimeter, showing the shadow that exists both in areas and in the buildings themselves. We can adjust hour by hour and minute by minute to know the position of the shadow in any area we want. The gestures to navigate the web are the same as in any map app, with pinch to zoom.

In addition to knowing the areas of shade, the app is used for the opposite, knowing the areas of sun. As our colleagues from Genbeta indicate, this allows people to, for example, find a sunny flat or house, something that we do not usually know when we go for a new rental or purchase. You will literally be able to know how many hours of sunshine your house has.

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In the case that you are a photographer, it can also be used to know the state of light and shadow at a certain moment. In the same way, it can be useful for practicing sports or any use you want to give it.

More information | Shadowmap

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