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the trial period starts on October 15th

Throughout the month of June, the Government focused its efforts on developing a contact tracking application to bring the coronavirus pandemic under national control. This app, called COVID Radar, began its pilot project on the 29th of that month on the island of La Gomera.

Once this pilot project was successfully completed, the app was officially launched so that the different Autonomous Communities could carry out the technical process needed to implement it. To date, more than half of the Communities have completed this process and more and more Spaniards have downloaded the app. The next step, as announced by Nadia Calviño, is to start testing for interoperability with apps from other European countries.

Objective: to make COVID Radar work in Europe

Radar Covid 02

The Radar Covid app appeared in the app stores at the end of June, and since then, several million Spaniards have already downloaded itThe company is not yet operational in a large part of Spain. The first Communities to adopt it were Andalusia, Cantabria, Aragon and Extremadura, and in recent days, Madrid and Navarre have joined in.

Radar COVID is now available for download and we have tested it: this is the official contact tracking app for the coronavirus

At the DigitalES Summit event being held this week, Nadia Calviño, Third Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, said the rate of incorporation of the app is being very good and the Government is satisfied in that regard. For the moment, Radar COVID allows the tracking of the last seven days, but the idea, according to Calviño, is to try to extend that period.

For the moment, Radar COVID allows the tracking of the last seven days, but the idea, according to Calviño, is to try to extend that period

Remember that the government has long claimed that its COVID Radar app is twice as effective as manual tracking. In fact, the Vice President has noted that COVID Radar is not intended to replace the need for contact tracing, but “a tool that can support that process” and that “…is going to give us an extra memory that we can have.”

Radar Covid 03

In addition, Nadia Calviño has announced that the next step, once COVID Radar is fully operational throughout Spain, is to begin testing for its interoperability with applications in other countries. This will be in the second half of October, around the 15th of that month, although the government has been working on European interoperability since July, when the European Commission gave the go-ahead to create the technological and legal framework to make it possible between apps based on a decentralised model (such as ours).

As the Vice-President explained, there are a number of countries that will be in that first group of tests and one of them is Spain. The aim of this is that, in a country as touristy as ours, any European can use here the tracking app of his country of originThe same way that a Spanish person can use Radar COVID in any European country.



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