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Home » The two Alto’s deliveries, Adventure and Oddyssey, will be free for one week to help us with insulation

The two Alto’s deliveries, Adventure and Oddyssey, will be free for one week to help us with insulation

The year was 2015, five years ago, when Snowman released one of the most aesthetically and soundly beautiful games we’ve been lucky enough to play in a long time. Alto’s Adventure was born, and in it we put ourselves in the shoes of Alto and his teammates in a endless runner where, oddly enough, you didn’t have to put one foot on the ground. Because Alto carries a snowboard.

For some time, Adventure was the only installment of the franchise but in 2017 the next one arrived, Alto’s Oddyssey. It changed the landscapes, music and challenges, but kept the spirit of the original. Two games that have always been paid for in iOS (not so in Android) but now, in the time of the coronavirus, are free for a limited time.

Bringing a little peace to the homes

As we said, the two installments of Alto’s endless games have been paid for by iPhone and iPad so far, as their developers have decided to reduce its price to zero for one week to try to help all those users confined to their homes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The team’s statement reads as follows:

We have decided that Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey will be available free of charge for the next week to help anyone who is practicing social distancing or self-isolation. We hope that Alto and the gang can bring some calm to their homes during these difficult times.

Both games have similar mechanics. We are talking about a endless snowboarder (pardon) in which we must move forward endlessly and avoid obstacles while we comply with the pirouettes and skill tests that the game demands to move forward. Sometimes scaring the poor flames or the poor monkeys, sometimes grindear a specific number of meters, sometimes gliding, sometimes pirouetting.

We will find few games designed with the taste of the two Alto

As we move forward we can unlock new accessories and characters with different abilities and physical complexions, some slower and more powerful when it comes to speed, others more agile and prone to take the pirouettes a little further. But watch out for the bonfires, you don’t want to wake up those who are resting there because they will chase us to the next cut of land.

So if we don’t have them already purchased, we can go to both the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play Store and download them to play for free for a whole week. Our recommendation: no matter how far you want to go in competitive mode, Give Zen Mode a try with a pair of headphones and simply enjoy sunrises, sunsets and storms. And photo mode.


Alto’s Adventure


Alto’s Oddyssey

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